Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

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Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

Like many people who need to lose a few pounds, I try diet after diet in an attempt to find one that finally works for me. I learned the hard way that I need to make sure any diet will not harm my teeth, even if it does help me lose a few pounds. I learned this lesson when following a grapefruit diet. There are many versions of this, but the version I tried had me eat a grapefruit alone several times each day. It was supposed to suppress my appetite. I helped keep me from munching on unhealthy snacks, but the acid in the fruit took a toll on my tooth enamel and I quickly started getting lots of cavities. I created this blog to remind people that change up their diets often to make sure the foods they are eating are not harming their teeth.

Dental Veneers: Why They Are Ideal For Uneven Teeth With Gaps

Do you have uneven teeth with gaps in between them? You may find that dental veneers can fix the problem and give you are smile that you will be proud to show off. Discover how dental veneers can repair your teeth and the cost to get it done.

How Can Dental Veneers Repair Uneven Gap Teeth?

Dental veneers are great for repairing teeth because they are thin shells that can be placed over your natural teeth. The veneers can be made wider than your natural teeth so that gaps can be filled in when they are attached. Although your teeth will be a little wider, they will still look natural. However, a cosmetic dentist may recommend dental implants if the gaps are too large for veneers to look natural. You will know if you are a good candidate for veneers when you go to your initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist.

Dental veneers are also great for repairing uneven teeth, such as if your two front upper teeth hang lower than the other ones at the top. Veneers can be placed on the teeth surrounding the two front teeth to make everything appear more even. Keep in mind that you will be able to eat with the veneers just as though they are natural. Just keep them clean to prevent plaque from building up and damaging the natural enamel. Damage may lead to the veneers having to be removed for treatment.

How Much Does Dental Veneers Cost?

The total cost for dental veneers will depend on how many are needed. You can expect to pay up to $4,500 to get veneers placed on the set of four upper teeth at the top of your mouth. You can also get a single veneer if you want to save money. However, you must get the maximum amount of veneers necessary to repair your dental problem if you want great results. It is possible for you to get your veneers one at a time instead of getting them all at once, which is ideal if you are on a small budget.

Cosmetic dentistry is not generally covered by dental insurance. Be prepared to pay the full amount unless you need veneers for some type of health condition. Financing is another payment option for veneers if you find a clinic that offers it. Make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist like one from Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry Inc so you can get your dental veneers as soon as possible!