Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

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Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

Like many people who need to lose a few pounds, I try diet after diet in an attempt to find one that finally works for me. I learned the hard way that I need to make sure any diet will not harm my teeth, even if it does help me lose a few pounds. I learned this lesson when following a grapefruit diet. There are many versions of this, but the version I tried had me eat a grapefruit alone several times each day. It was supposed to suppress my appetite. I helped keep me from munching on unhealthy snacks, but the acid in the fruit took a toll on my tooth enamel and I quickly started getting lots of cavities. I created this blog to remind people that change up their diets often to make sure the foods they are eating are not harming their teeth.

3 Ways To Alleviate Pain If A Crown Falls Off Of A Damaged Tooth

If one of the crowns that was covering a damaged tooth in your mouth falls off, you may experience pain if the tooth's nerve is exposed. Use the following tips to temporarily alleviate discomfort until you are able to be seen by a dentist to have a new crown installed. Dental Putty Kit Wash your hands and put on a pair of disposable gloves to prevent germs from spreading to your mouth as you are applying the putty. Read More 

Dental Tourism: Three Reasons Why You Should Not Get Dental Implants In Underdeveloped Countries

Many people like to travel to less-developed countries to get cheaper plastic surgeries and cheaper cosmetic procedures. While that may be tempting when you consider dental implants, there are several reasons why you should not get dental implants anywhere else but in the U.S. or more developed countries. If you still want to engage in dental tourism to get cheaper implants, consider first the following reasons for avoiding it in less-developed nations. Read More 

6 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth

Whether it is from drinking too much coffee or smoking, stained teeth can make you pretty self-conscious. You may even refuse to smile in public because you do not want people to see your teeth. The good news is that eating the right foods can have a positive effect on the appearance of your smile. Here are six foods that whiten your teeth: Apples If you start eating apples regularly, you will not have to worry about as many tooth stains. Read More 

Healthy Smiles In Half The Time For Busy Families

Today, parents are busier than ever with family responsibilities such as shuttling their kids from one school or sporting event to another. Unfortunately, oral hygiene is one of the first things to go when families get busy. While brushing several little ones' teeth and keeping up with dental appointments can be time consuming, there are some simple ways to reduce the time you spend on your family's oral hygiene routine and still keep those cavities away. Read More 

4 Go-To Meals For People With Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are attractive to many people because they are almost completely invisible, but what draws many people away from them is the tendency for food to get stuck and not being able to chew with any real gusto. This obstacle can easily be overcome if you know what to eat for each meal, and this little challenge can even be entertaining if you have a knack for cooking. Here are four recipes that will delight anybody, especially those with lingual braces, over an entire day. Read More