Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

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Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

Like many people who need to lose a few pounds, I try diet after diet in an attempt to find one that finally works for me. I learned the hard way that I need to make sure any diet will not harm my teeth, even if it does help me lose a few pounds. I learned this lesson when following a grapefruit diet. There are many versions of this, but the version I tried had me eat a grapefruit alone several times each day. It was supposed to suppress my appetite. I helped keep me from munching on unhealthy snacks, but the acid in the fruit took a toll on my tooth enamel and I quickly started getting lots of cavities. I created this blog to remind people that change up their diets often to make sure the foods they are eating are not harming their teeth.

What To Expect With Your First Dental Implant Procedure Appointment

Getting a dental implant usually involves a few visits to a dentist, so you can expect the process to possibly take months from your first visit until you get the permanent crown. The first dental implant procedure appointment may be just an evaluation and discussion about what will happen in future appointments. Here are some things you might expect during your first dental implant appointment.

An Evaluation Of Your Bone

Your dentist might give you X-rays so they can see your bone and teeth under the gums. Your dentist has to decide if your bone is thick and strong enough for a dental implant. Your dentist might have other options to consider when it comes to the placement of the implant, but if necessary, your dentist will do a bone graft and then let that heal before giving you an implant.

An Assessment Of Your Oral Health

You should have good oral health before getting an implant. If you have gum disease, your dentist may treat it first to clear up any infections you have before getting the implant. Your implant may not heal properly if you have gum disease and infections. Since you don't want your implant to fail, taking time to restore your oral health is an important step even if all you need is dental cleaning.

A Discussion About Anesthesia

Your dentist will discuss options for anesthesia. You might receive an anesthetic injection alone or with IV sedation. General anesthesia might also be a possibility, especially if you're having multiple implants on the same visit.

A Timeline Of What You Can Expect

Each case is unique, so your dentist will explain what is likely to happen in your situation. If a bone graft is needed, it will be done first and given plenty of time to heal. If a bone graft isn't needed, the dentist can proceed to put in the implant. You'll be numbed for the procedure which involves screwing a rod into your bone to act like a tooth root.

Together with your dentist, you'll decide if you'll get a temporary crown on the rod or if you will leave a gap in your mouth and wait for the implant surgery to heal. You might want a gap in your front teeth closed right away, while a gap in your back teeth might be acceptable while you're waiting on your bone and gum to heal.

When it's time, the dentist will make a mold of your teeth so a permanent crown can be made to fit on top of the implant. The final step is to put the permanent implant in place. You may have multiple implants put in if you're getting dentures rather than just replacing a single tooth.

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