Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

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Don't Let Dieting Impact Your Oral Health

Like many people who need to lose a few pounds, I try diet after diet in an attempt to find one that finally works for me. I learned the hard way that I need to make sure any diet will not harm my teeth, even if it does help me lose a few pounds. I learned this lesson when following a grapefruit diet. There are many versions of this, but the version I tried had me eat a grapefruit alone several times each day. It was supposed to suppress my appetite. I helped keep me from munching on unhealthy snacks, but the acid in the fruit took a toll on my tooth enamel and I quickly started getting lots of cavities. I created this blog to remind people that change up their diets often to make sure the foods they are eating are not harming their teeth.

What Are Your Options When You're Missing A Tooth?

Are you missing a tooth and not sure what to do about it? If so, it's important to know what your options are to replace it. 

Do Nothing

You always have the option to do nothing, which may not be the best idea in the long run. A missing tooth is going to lead to bone loss in the area where the tooth is missing, which is not good for the health of your mouth. You won't just be missing a tooth, but it will have a ripple effect on the placement of the surrounding teeth. In addition, molars serve an important function, and it will be difficult to go without a tooth.

Get A Partial Denture Or Flipper

The nice thing about a partial denture is that it is cheap and easy to replace a missing tooth. It is also going to be one of the most affordable options of all the replacement options. However, it is not going to prevent bone loss in the area where the tooth is missing, which can cause a similar problem to doing nothing at all. It still gives you the function of the tooth for chewing though, which will help you over time.

A flipper is a cosmetic option to resolve a missing tooth, which some people use for front facing teeth that others can see. A flipper can be used as a temporary option until you are ready for another method, or a permanent way to fix the cosmetic appearance. 

Get A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is not always the best option to fix a missing tooth, since it requires crowning the surrounding teeth to create the bridge. If those teeth are healthy, you're also damaging those healthy teeth to put a crown on them. That said, a dental bridge fills the gap in a permanent way, giving you a strong chewing surface. It works great for rear molars, but it can be used on any tooth in your mouth,

Get A Dental Implant

The best option is to get a dental implant, which involves placing a post into your jawbone that integrates with it over time. The post then acts as a new artificial root with a dental crown that is attached to it. Many people love that the implant looks and feels like a natural tooth, and doesn't require any special care to keep it in good condition aside from brushing and flossing. 

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